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Types of Stairlifts, Uses and Descriptions

Before purchasing stairlifts and requesting installation, it’s important to identify which is the most suitable for you and your home. Unless you pay for an evaluation, you will need to pick your own model. Typically, if your stairs are straight and only go upwards, and don’t change direction, you will be able to invest in a straight stairlift. However, if your stairs bend, curve or dip at some point, it may be better to invest in a curved stairlift. As mentioned previously, it’s important to identify exactly what version you need.

For example, if you choose to invest in a curved stairlift and pay for it to be made, you will never be able to return it. This is because the manufacturers will need to design it specifically for your home. There is unlikely to be another home that it will fit in, so it will be yours to keep. For that reason alone, identifying the correct type for your individual needs is of paramount importance.

As for pricing, curved stairlifts are naturally more expensive because they have to be custom-built. Unfortunately, curved ones can be five times more expensive than a traditional straight stairlift. This is a price you will need to pay. Having the best stairlift for your home is important because you need to ensure safety.

Another method you can do is to fit two straight stairlifts onto the stairs. If your stairs only change direction once, then two separate lifts can be a more cost-effective way of doing it.

Having a stairlift in your home is extremely beneficial for people who are elderly or are suffering from medical conditions that may affect their mobility. These persons may not have the funds, time or effort required to move into a bungalow. In addition, they may not enough money to completely re haul their house at great expense. Because of their individual needs, they may struggle to climb the stairs or be completely unable to go upstairs. Thanks to the invention of stairlifts, these people can now navigate through their home and find new independence in their life. There are currently several different types available to people. The type you pick and choose to have is completely up to you, and may be dependent on your budget or home circumstances but remember to let stairlifts direct help you with decisions and pass on our direct factory prices.

Straight stairlifts

The most popular and frequently bought version is the straight one. If your household’s stairs run straight, with no bends, half-landings or corners, this type of lift will be perfect for your home. Installation of these stairlifts are extremely straight forward and are usually completed within the hour. Because they are straight forward, they are also the most cost-effective. They are attached to the stair treads rather than the wall, and usually come jam packed with useful features and gadgets. This includes battery power with continuous charging – giving you access to your upstairs even in the case of a power cut. They have comfortable swivel seats which are able to rotate 90 degrees.

Curved stairlifts

Finally, we have the curved stairlifts which are built and installed in homes which may have a curve, bend or corner in the stairs. Unfortunately, these cost slightly more than traditional lifts – but they do the job perfectly. The reason for the additional expense is because they have to be hand-built and custom-made for the house’s individual stairs.

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